Champions of Healthcare Infection Prevention (CHIP)

A train-the-trainer model for expanding the reach of infection prevention expertise

What is a CHIP? A CHIP is a frontline healthcare worker who has undergone additional infection prevention and control (IPC) training to act as an extension of an IPC program. A CHIP team is a group of these employees who work together to improve patient safety, limit the spread of infections, and improve compliance of IPC practices within their facility.

VIPTC has created the following videos to help you build or strengthen your CHIP program in your facility. The topics are:

  • The foundations of building a CHIP program
  • How to implement a CHIP program in your facility and possible challenges
  • How to sustain and adapt your CHIP program over time

Each video is one hour in length and can be completed at your own pace. CE credit is not available for these videos.

Developing a Champion of Healthcare Infection Prevention (train-the-trainer) Program

Module 1

Introduction to Champions of Healthcare Infection Prevention

Module 2

Deploying CHIP Program in Your Institution: Reviewing Implementation Challenges

Module 3

Sustaining and Adapting a Champion of Infection Prevention Team